I am a third year PhD student at the CFSA, University of Warwick, working on implementing synthetic diagnostics for the Radiation-Hydrodynamics code, Odin. My work is predominantly focused on diagnostics that are relevant to the Shock Ignition branch of Direct-drive Inertial Confinement Fusion.

My supervisors are Professor Tony Arber and Dr Keith Bennett.

In addition to my work with synthetic diagnostics, I have also been working on testing the Bremsstrahlung routine recently implemented in the EPOCH Particle-In-Cell code. The module works by implementing a Monte-Carlo routine that reads in values from the Seltzer and Berger tables that give the cross sectional areas of generating Bremsstrahlung photons, for a large range of electron energies.

My current work is focussed on implementing the Raytracing routine tot he main source code of Odin, with my supervisor Dr Keith Bennett. The routine uses the vector form of Snell’s law, and can be used in 2D and 3D. It is still work in process, but would be a large step towards making the code and its simulations more realistic, and increasing their predictive capabilities.