University Tutor

Maths Tuition, University of Warwick, Physics Department, 2018

As part of being a Physics PhD student at Warwick University, we are asked to help with the teaching of some of the first year modules. The module I was assigned to help out with was ‘Mathematics for Physicists’. As part of my role, then I lead two problems classes a week, with about 8 students in each, and go through the fundamental mathematics needed to progress through a Physics degree. Topics include complex numbers, calculus, linear algebra, matrices, and fourier series.

Private Tutor

Tuition, Tutora, Cardiff, 2017

Having finished my Masters course at the University of York, I returned to Cardiff. When I returned, I worked as a private tutor through the online company Tutora (now called Tutorful). During the year that I tutored, then I taught a variety of subjects: Physics, Maths, GCSE Science, IT, and Welsh, to a range of ages from Year 7 to Year 13. The only reason I finished tutoring was because I started my PhD at Warwick.

Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate module, Hurworth School, Darlington, 2015

During my time at Durham University, I undertook a module called Physics into Schools. As part of this module, we spent 2 terms as a teaching assistant in a local school. The school I was assigned to was Hurworth school in Darlington. During my time at the school then I helped out with GCSE science classes, and lead a couple of classes. For this module I achieved a distinction.

Teaching Assistant

Internship, Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Canterbury, 2014

Over the summer holidays between my 1st and 2nd year at Durham, I applied for the Ogden Trust teaching internship for which I was succesful. I was assigned to work at the Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys on the outskirts of Canterbury. I worked under the tutelage of Dr Becky Parker, an esteemed academic and educator, who has since gone on to be awarded an MBE. During my time at the school, I helped out with Mathematics and Physics classes and also helped out with the school’s touch rugby initiative which was coordinated by ex-Fijian internation rugby player, Nicky Little.