EPOCH Bremsstrahlung routine

Published in Unpublished, 2019

Recommended citation: Rees, Alun. (2019). "Bremsstrahlung Diagnostic ." Unpublished. (2). http://alun-rees.github.io/files/EPOCH_Bremsstrahlung_Routine.pdf

The bremsstrahlung x-ray emission profile from high intensity laser-solid interactions pro-vides valuable insight to the internal fast electron transport. These high energy electronscan be problematic, and can preheat the core of the fuel capsule thus making ignitionmore difficult. Measurements of the hot-electron temperature and the associated hot-electron fraction supports the understanding of energy absorption mechanisms present inthe 1019-1021W cm−2intensity regime. In this paper we discuss the various diagnosticsbeing utilised in order to gain further insight into these electrons

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Recommended citation: Rees, Alun. (2019). “Bremsstrahlung Diagnostics” Unpublished. (2).