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Poster presentation on X-Ray diagnostic


I presented a poster on my recent progress - creating a synthetic X-ray backlighter diagnostic along with a post-processing raytracing routine.

Poster presentation on Thesis


As part of our Doctoral skills, we are required to do a poster presentation during our second year. The poster was intended to give a general overview of our PhD project.

IOP Plasma Physics Conference


I was invited to give a talk on my current work at the IOP conference in London. Sadly, due to the coronavirus pandemic, this conference has been postponed indefinitely.


Teaching Assistant

Internship, Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Canterbury, 2014

Over the summer holidays between my 1st and 2nd year at Durham, I applied for the Ogden Trust teaching internship for which I was succesful. I was assigned to work at the Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys on the outskirts of Canterbury. I worked under the tutelage of Dr Becky Parker, an esteemed academic and educator, who has since gone on to be awarded an MBE. During my time at the school, I helped out with Mathematics and Physics classes and also helped out with the school’s touch rugby initiative which was coordinated by ex-Fijian internation rugby player, Nicky Little.

Teaching Assistant

Undergraduate module, Hurworth School, Darlington, 2015

During my time at Durham University, I undertook a module called Physics into Schools. As part of this module, we spent 2 terms as a teaching assistant in a local school. The school I was assigned to was Hurworth school in Darlington. During my time at the school then I helped out with GCSE science classes, and lead a couple of classes. For this module I achieved a distinction.

Private Tutor

Tuition, Tutora, Cardiff, 2017

Having finished my Masters course at the University of York, I returned to Cardiff. When I returned, I worked as a private tutor through the online company Tutora (now called Tutorful). During the year that I tutored, then I taught a variety of subjects: Physics, Maths, GCSE Science, IT, and Welsh, to a range of ages from Year 7 to Year 13. The only reason I finished tutoring was because I started my PhD at Warwick.

University Tutor

Maths Tuition, University of Warwick, Physics Department, 2018

As part of being a Physics PhD student at Warwick University, we are asked to help with the teaching of some of the first year modules. The module I was assigned to help out with was ‘Mathematics for Physicists’. As part of my role, then I lead two problems classes a week, with about 8 students in each, and go through the fundamental mathematics needed to progress through a Physics degree. Topics include complex numbers, calculus, linear algebra, matrices, and fourier series.